The Book publishes a series of pricing guides for used machinery and equipment.  These pricing guides cover many different industries.  Since 1984, The Book has been reporting values on used machinery and equipment that has sold at public auction throughout North America.

Our publications are:

DataRef:  DataRef is an online pricing program containing detailed sale information for machinery and equipment in the industries which The Book covers.  It is updated monthly.  DataRef consists of four separate databases totaling over 600,000 sale comps.  The four databases are:  Machine Tools, Printing & Textile, Hi-Tech & Medical and Food, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processing.

Machine Tools:  The Machine Tool Edition covers the metalworking, woodworking, plastic, lift truck and general shop equipment industries.  It is published monthly and annually.

Food, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processing:  The Food, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processing Edition is published semi-annually.

Used Printing & Textile Equipment:  Published annually.

CNC Serial Number Reference Guide:  The CNC Serial Number Reference Guide covers primarily CNC metalworking machines.  If you know the serial number of a listed machine, by using the serial number guide, you can determine the year of manufacture.


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